It’s unfortunate if you end up breaking previous friendships. You worked hard to build them with the people who matter a lot to you. Due to miscommunication or other issues, you end up breaking that trust. It doesn’t mean it’s over. You can still find a way to mend the broken friendship and start over again.

Have an honest conversation 

There’s no better way to solve the problem apart from facing it head-on. Talk to the people who hurt you and that you hurt. You can settle your differences through an honest conversation. You might also avoid each other now due to false assumptions. If you can clarify things, it’s easier for you to fix the problem. You can be honest about what you feel, and still be tactful during the conversation. Remember that even if you want to be honest, your primary goal is to fix the relationship.

You can point out what went wrong and what you disliked about your friend. In return, you also need to accept if there are criticisms of your attitude. It might hurt, but it’s an excellent way to grow.

Spend a weekend together

If you have a severe problem to solve, the best option is to spend time together. Even if you still have hurt feelings, you can fix the issues if you’re together. Besides, if you’re in a secluded place and no one else is there, you have no choice but to talk.

An excellent idea is to find large houses to rent that are large enough for you and your friends. Once you have fixed the problem, you can enjoy the facilities and amenities available. You can even come back next time for other reasons.

Don’t rush the healing process

All of you got hurt because of what happened. You have to learn how to take the issue one step at a time. Rushing the healing process is unnecessary. If the other parties aren’t willing to patch things up yet, you can’t force them. The goal is for you to express how you feel and see where things go. At some point, you will learn how to forgive each other and move on.

Don’t let the same mistakes happen again

You already know which button could trigger anger. Make sure you don’t press it again. Learn from what happened and allow the experience to help you grow. Besides, it’s a good thing that your friendship was tested. It only means that you will be tougher in the future. If more significant challenges come your way, you can overcome them.

Don’t forget to be grateful that you made it through the obstacle together. Not all friends manage to stick together for a long time. After a difficult test, some people decided to part ways. Given how easy it is to pretend to be kind to others, finding a true friend is rare. Don’t do anything to let them slip away.