Planning a wedding in the present covid19 situation is not an easy task. In fact, planning a wedding at any given time of the year is pretty exhausting. However, now that you have taken care of everything else, it is the time for more exciting chore, planning a honeymoon in Kerala.

Generally, honeymoon is the most memorable time of anyone’s life, and thus people make sure that there are no last minute disappointments. In order to help you with it, we have mentioned below all the important steps. Using these tips, you can easily plan a fun-filled, unforgettable, and a very romantic honeymoon in Kerala. So, let’s get started…

Why plan a honeymoon in Kerala?

Before we go ahead with how to plan a honeymoon in Kerala, let’s understand why Kerala is an amazing destination for honeymooners…

Around the year, millions of Indians travel abroad for honeymoon and vacations. Nevertheless, for now in the midst of covid19 pandemic, all of us are considering to travel domestic and are thus looking for holiday packages in India. Fortunately, India has plenty of beautiful destinations, and Kerala is surely one of them.

If you are planning a honeymoon with social distancing in mind, you won’t have any problem throughout your trip to Kerala. You can plan a trip to Kerala without involving public transport, because most of the Kerala tour packages include travelling by private cars. Well, don’t worry about the budget they are pretty affordable.

All these facilities and comfort is what makes Kerala the most sought-after honeymoon destination. Hill stations of Munnar, greenery of Wayanad, waterfalls of Athirapally, forests and wildlife of Thekkady, houseboat stays, and many such wonderful things make Kerala a unique honeymoon destination.

Planning honeymoon in Kerala

Finalize your date:

Usually, most couples prefer going for honeymoon as soon as the wedding ends. However, this is not important. In fact, what is important is the time has to be right. Check with your partner, and plan your honeymoon dates when both of you can take off from work. There has to be no work of family liabilities to take care off during this time, and that is what will make it truly enjoyable.

Consider the climate in Kerala:

Before you start looking for Kerala Honeymoon Packages, make sure to consider the climatic conditions. Generally, Kerala is blessed with a beautiful weather and above 3 months of monsoon every year. However, if your idea of honeymoon doesn’t involve rains, make sure your honeymoon dates don’t clash with the monsoon season.

Select the appropriate destinations:

There are many mesmerizing destinations in Kerala. However, you have to understand that you cannot travel to all of them if you are there just for a few days. So, pick destinations which are closer to one another. A reliable tourism partner like and can help you with this.

Well, now since you know plenty about planning a honeymoon in Kerala, we are hoping you will have a great time there. Just make sure you work with a reliable travel partner who is experienced enough to choose the best routes, transportation and accommodations as per your budget and preference.