Due to the recent worldwide outbreak of coronavirus pandemic, major cities across the globe have a shutdown. And plans of many people shattered who wanted to visit the ocean this summer. But situation in many countries are improving. So, we all can hope that this COVID-19 nightmare will end soon. And once it is over, you can think about visiting some of the popular beaches around the world. But before you put on your shorts and flip-flops, make sure you buy travel insurance online to be financially protected abroad. Given below are the list of beaches that located in countries that have taken major steps for maintaining the safety and hygiene of the tourists:

Praia de Dona Ana, Portugal

When you think of Portugal, you will surely think of beautiful sun-baked beaches. Portugal consists of several beaches, however, one of the most popular and beautiful beaches in this country is Praia de Dona Ana. On this beach, you will see striking visuals and is the perfect beach for family vacations or a fun trip with friends.

Playa del Amor, Los Cabos, Mexico

You must have heard of the secluded cove in Cabo San Lucas which is also known as the Land’s End. This cove is famous for 3 things. One is the photogenic marvel, El Arco and the other two are separate beaches, namely, Playa del Amor and Playa del Divorcio.

The Playa del Amor, also known as Love Beach, is sitting on the gentle and warm San Cortez sea. You will find soft sand on this beach. The water here is cold as it is one the shores of the Pacific Ocean. You take pictures and enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Beaches of Lake Thun, Switzerland

Now, you will have two questions in your mind. One will be that Switzerland consists of snowy mountains and not beaches, and others will be that this country is landlocked. Well, have you heard about the lake beach? Yes, there is a thing like a lake beach, and one of the best lake beaches that you can see in the world is Lake Thun, which is situated in Switzerland. This beach is situated in the north of the Swiss Alps. You can do so many activities here like windsurfing and motorboat excursions.

Lazarus Beach, Singapore

When you talk about beaches around the world, you don’t think about Singapore. But the country consists of many beautiful beaches. Lazarus beach, which consists of white sandy is the prime example. You can go for long walks here. Other than that, you can camp at night with friends and remove the stress of pandemic.

Saadiyat Beach, Abu Dhabi

The United Arab Emirates has been the tourist hotspot for the last few years. other than tall skyscrapers and advanced technology, you can find beautiful beaches as well. One of the beaches is Saadiyat Beach, which is situated in Abu Dhabi. This beautiful beach attracts crowds from across the world. You can enjoy several water sporting activities here. This beach is also family friendly.

Before you go to these beautiful beaches, make sure you insure yourself with travel insurance, so that you can travel without any financial hassles and also have assistance on foreign land.