Amid the gradual decline in coronavirus cases across the globe, international borders are reopening. With the festive season around the corner, it is an excellent time to take an international trip and rejuvenate after the mentally draining lockdown period. Paying a brief visit to a foreign country, exploring new places, trying new cuisines sounds like a fun time to bid goodbye to the pandemic threat. Keeping in mind the fact that coronavirus is still far from over, precautionary measures should not be taken for granted regardless. There are still several rules and guidelines in place to regulate tourism and protect both, the local citizens and the tourists. This is why it is mandatory to be mindful of the guidelines issued by the Indian government and the government of your destination country. Fortunately, technological advancements have made information accessible to us in no time. We have enlisted all the important guidelines for foreign travel in this blog. Read on to get a clear insight into all the things you should keep in mind before traveling abroad.

Indian Government Guidelines

The Indian government had started international flights for the evacuation process on May 7th, 2020. Under this mission, specific flights were allowed to cross the international borders to bring back Indian citizens stuck in foreign countries during the lockdown. Currently, this mission is in its 4th stage. It is noteworthy that while international air travel has not yet returned to entire normalcy, the government has made arrangements of allowing specific categories of visas to resume international traveling. Under the new arrangements, certain groups of people will be allowed to visit foreign countries amid the ongoing pandemic, strictly abiding by the norms of both countries. However, this arrangement has not yet come into action but might soon be announced by the Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India.

Flight Tickets

Different aviation companies have different ticket cancellation policies. While some are providing a 100% ticket refund, others are offering credits for booking future tickets. It is recommended to check the airline’s website to get detailed information about ticket cancellation and refund norms. Apart from this, the government has set a ceiling and floor price for each airline to avoid unreasonable ticket charges based on the route of travel and length of the journey. Moreover, there are several guidelines in place by both Indian and foreign governments to regulate air travel to and from international destinations. Make sure you go through those before planning your trip.

Basic International Traveling Guidelines

Coronavirus is an easily transmitted disease and can be life-threatening- a common knowledge at this point. It is thus necessary to follow basic guidelines to ensure the safety of all. Here are the basic precautions you must take while traveling to a foreign country:

  • Wear a mask at all times
  • Sanitize your hands regularly
  • Wear gloves when outdoors
  • Avoid touching your face at all cost
  • Avoid eating outside, or eat at well-sanitized and maintained diner
  • Buy international travel insurance to have a hassle-free journey
  • If facing health problems or develop known symptoms of coronavirus, immediately inform the authorities
  • Observe home quarantine for a minimum of 7 days
  • Get yourself tested on reaching the destination
  • Follow all necessary guidelines of the destination country

This pandemic has been tough for everyone. It is a good option to take some time off and relax. Don’t forget to stay safe and follow all precautionary measures.