Have you purchase your boat but do not know what to name it? You are not alone.

A boat’s name is the direct reflection of its owner. It can tell a lot about their lifestyle, love life, work-life and, even traumas!

You must understand that a boat plays a massive role in one’s life. In addition to an adventurous escape, it is a safe haven, a getaway, livelihood, and your friend. Hence, its name carries a lot of worth, which you must carefully select.

The ideas are endless, but here are some top tips to keep in mind while naming your boat.  Keep reading to find out.

1.   Be Genuine & Unique

There are some common boat names that you see everywhere. Some of these names would pop up even on the top search results, which you do not want.

The best way forward is to be original and unique while naming your boat. Think outside the box and come up with a name that people have not heard before.

2.   Be Humorous

If you want people to remember your boat name, be funny. You can even add puns to the name. Do not make it a cliche; make it funny.

3.   The Name Should Be Relatable

When thinking outside the box, do not go so overboard that nobody understands the name. A random person reading the name should not have to search in a dictionary to find its meaning. Keep it simple, unique, but relatable.

Keep the top tips in mind while selecting the name of your boat. You must spend some time on it and do not rush into something you may regret later on.

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