It seems like, all over the world, people are wishing time could stand still when it comes to aging. There are so many “anti-aging” solutions out there. From face creams to exercise regimens or diet solutions, so many companies boast that they’ve found the perfect solution to reverse aging and help you stay young forever. But the truth is, that isn’t technically possible. Whether you’re looking forward to it or would rather avoid it altogether, you will age someday. You can’t stay young forever. But just because you will age, doesn’t mean you can’t do it gracefully and with style.

Really, staying young is all about a state of mind. While your body may age, if you take care of it correctly, you can continue living with a young spirit for decades. Aging with grace doesn’t always come naturally. You need to put in the work to take care of your skin, body, mental health, finances, and curiosity. Don’t let aging get you down. Instead, find ways to continue enjoying your life and feeling your best no matter what age you are. Because we all are going to get older eventually, but it’s up to you to decide how you’ll spend those precious older years.

1. Take care of your health.

One of the first things to take care of as you’re aging is your health. Human bodies are only made to last so long, so as you get older, certain systems may start shutting down or not working like they did when you were 20. To age gracefully, you’ll want to develop a meaningful relationship with your doctor and your insurance company. This will give you the peace of mind that you are making all the accommodations you need to help your body stay happy and healthy well into your later years.

There are several specialists you can consult as you get older. For example, many individuals start losing their hearing as they age. If you’re experiencing hearing loss, it may be time to visit an audiologist to get a hearing test and find the right hearing aid for you. Phonak hearing aid prices can be reasonable, especially with your insurance deductions. If it is your first time relying on appliances to help with amplification, you can get a discreet hearing aid to help with any severe hearing loss. Keep an open mind as you visit specialists, like audiologists, so your best interests will be met in regards to your health.

As you age, your physical health may not be the only thing for you to consider. You also want to take note of your mental health care. Consider scheduling a first appointment for counseling at the therapist’s office to see if that is the right fit for you. A therapy session where you can go about talking through your stressors, sadness, or worries about growing older can help you perk up and be a great place for you to work through those feelings. You can research what to expect during your first therapy session to find a potential therapist that you’ll have compatibility with. Different types of therapy can achieve different means, and this may be the place to start improving your mental health.

2. Continue traveling and exploring.

One way to stay young at heart is to continue having a good time traveling and getting out of your current home. Schedule vacations and trips to visit your family members or explore new exhibitions with your best friend. Whatever first visit makes you happy and fulfilled is a good idea. Look up dog-friendly trips to take during the winter that will help you get to warmer weather and allow you to still enjoy time with your pooch. This is the first step to keeping your soul fed and young. Be vacationers, find new favorites, and go on that rewarding getaway. You deserve it.

3. Watch your diet.

Along with your maintaining your health, you need to continue fueling your body well as you age. Help with the restoration of your health by watching your diet and doing your due diligence to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Go out and get some exercise regularly with a nice hike, walk around the dog park, or enjoying your surroundings. Also, consider what you are putting in your body. Try to avoid foods that are high in fat and sugar. Continue hydrating and getting your regular amount of healthy fluids. On your next trip to the supermarket, make the best choice to get the essentials like fruits and vegetables and avoid red meats or salty snacks. Changing your eating behavior will help you age gracefully and start healthy habits for your later years.

4. Stay on top of your finances.

One thing most people look forward to about aging is retirement. Your first impression is that not working will be a breeze and so much fun. However, existing on a fixed income may be a bit of an adjustment for you. Stay on top of your budgeting and finances so you can afford things like your mortgage payment, healthcare, and fun activities.

Maybe you want to consider great opportunities to make a little extra income. Sure, you may be retired, but maybe you can make a little bit of money by teaching a class regularly or starting a vacation rental. You can turn your house into a rental and make being a homeowner a business. The best way to increase your income is to consider what may be a good fit for your lifestyle. If you’re traveling a lot, getting rental income from your new home may be a great option while you’re away.

As you age gracefully, you may also have a moment when you want to spend a little extra on your midlife crisis purchase. If you can afford it, splurge and spoil yourself. Just make sure you have the best insurance for classic cars and have done your research about those collectible cars. You deserve to enjoy your older years, just do it responsibly.

5. Try something new.

Aging gracefully is all about creating a great quality of life and maintaining wellness as you get older. The best thing you can do is continue trying new things and going on adventures as you age. That may involve getting out of your comfort zone like having fun on a blind date or adopting a furry friend. The hardest part is taking the first step, but that new activity may be the best thing and a great accessory to your full, incredible life.