Throughout the past year, the pandemic forced almost all Americans to put their travel plans on hold, leaving many people daydreaming about the excitement of future vacations and holidays together. However, even with so many tourist destinations just now beginning to re-open and welcome visitors once again, the one form of vacation that has kept up its popularity is the great American road trip. Here, we will look at just a few of fun ideas that can help you plan a memorable road trip of your own!

Your Checklist of Tech Essentials

Before setting out on road adventure with friends or family, it’s a great idea to make a checklist of technology supplies to enhance your journey. Aside from clothes for different forms of weather (consider if you’ll be hiking or dressing up within major cities), make it a point to have all the needed car-friendly chargers for your smartphone and tablet. In fact, new apps and programs are available that can enhance your road trip! Consider photography apps for all the pictures and videos you’ll want to save, as well as a cloud gallery app to help you upload all your thousands of precious photos and video clips into a cloud-based service, similar to Dropbox or Onedrive. A gallery app can be the perfect accessory to pair with your smartphone or mobile device for preserving all the sights, sounds, and memories of your excursion along American’s highways.

In addition, be sure to download all the hiking and maps apps needed for your different destinations. While most major cities are again tourist-friendly, you may want to call ahead to museums and national parks’ visitor center offices to double-check that interactive exhibits and attractions are again up and running.

Planning for Themed Stops Along the Way

One favorite idea for experienced road-trippers is to plan a route with a theme or concept for the type of locations you’d like to see. For example, if you and your friends or family are music lovers of Blues music, your first stop could be a historical recording studio or birthplace of a famous musician. Blues fans can seek out the Mississippi Blues Trail near the Mississippi Delta, which could make it a perfect place for hiking during the day and hearing amazing music at night. Similarly, if you’re looking for another gateway to the Blues, a stop in Memphis could lead you to another memorable adventure in music history, stopping at a Blues visitors center to find out where B.B. King’s famous club is located, where to get awesome memorabilia, and see where Elvis Presley recorded his first few songs. One stop in your road trip could teach your family the full history of a musical genre’s legacy, while also letting you sample the culture, food, and give hobbyist photographers like you and your family ample opportunities to capture the images needed to capture your trip’s remarkable story.

Getting Back to Nature


When planning a road trip, music and food are just two fun ways to seek out adventure. Nature lovers can plan scout for numerous national parks and campgrounds throughout any region of the U.S. In fact, hiking trails and outdoor excursions for the whole family are open in different national regions during much of the calendar year. Although hiking gear and camping equipment can be cost-efficient, if you’re looking to pile the whole family or a large group of friends into one car, most necessities can be rented. Even if this is your first time hitting the open road, it pays to contact travel counselors or representatives from the National Parks Department ahead of time.

In addition to your camping and hiking gear, remember that modern technology also allows for mobile devices and other electronics to be used in the great outdoors more than ever. Research options for affordable solar-powered chargers, ensuring that once you’ve integrated your cloud-based gallery app, you can can thousands of incredible nature photos and memories of your journey without ever losing a single image!