Packing up your old home and moving into your new home is exciting and, at times, chaotic. The last thing any homeowner wants to deal with is lost or damaged belongings. Accidents happen and sometimes valuable items sustain damage when being transported. There are several things you can do to prepare for your move and keep your valuable items safe and secure.

Downsize first, then store what you can.

The first step in preparing for a move is to declutter your current home one room at a time. Assess what items are worth keeping and what you can part with. Organize your items into toss, recycle, and donation piles, then pack what you’ll move. In some cases, it’s helpful to store the smaller or non-essential items in a safe deposit box or storage unit until after you settle into your new home.

Moving from one home to another in the city presents a unique set of challenges, such as stairwells, limited parking, and navigating a moving truck on narrow streets. When it comes to decluttering your apartment in the Bronx, for example, having a temporary storage unit for non-essential items makes the moving day far easier. US Storage Units has thousands of self-storage units across major cities in the U.S. Whether you need 24/7 access, security, or a climate-controlled unit, you can find self-storage units of all sizes and prices. Best of all, you can rent a unit monthly without the need to pay a security deposit.

Valuable items should stay in your care.


Valuable items aren’t necessarily expensive. Necessities such as prescription medications and personal documents are valuable and should be kept with you rather than packed up. You can find locked containers that can keep artwork and other larger valuables safe and secure during transit. Your homeowner’s insurance policy will provide some degree of coverage for personal belongings that are damaged or stolen, but it may be limited coverage for high-value items such as pieces of jewelry.

A great way to get additional coverage for your expensive jewelry is to take out a jewelry insurance policy. Zillion Insurance offers insurance for jewelry collections of all sizes. Worldwide jewelry coverage protects your pieces of jewelry from different types of loss such as accidental loss or mysterious disappearance, covers the costs of repairs and allows you to make a zero-impact jewelry insurance claim for your jewelry’s value. The best way to keep your antique jewels, wedding rings, engagement ring, and other valuable jewelry protected is with jewelry coverage.

Take inventory of everything you pack.


The best way to keep track of your possessions is to take inventory as you pack. Making a list of your belongings and taking photos ensures everything you pack successfully arrives at your new home. You can make a simple spreadsheet that details the name of each object, which box it’s packed in, the condition of each item upon packing, and how and when items are being moved. An inventory list with corresponding photos will be helpful in the event your items go missing or are damaged during transit, especially if you have to make an insurance claim.

When packing valuable items, don’t advertise what’s in the packing box. Be smart about how you label your packing boxes and don’t advertise that the contents are valuable. Carefully wrap your belongings in protective bubble wrap and avoid overstuffing boxes. Heavy items should always be packed on the bottom of a box, and it’s a good idea not to mix in fragile things. Make sure any liquids are properly sealed, and always reinforce cardboard moving boxes with additional tape along the seams.