Retirement is an exciting era to look forward to. You have an abundance of free time, and some do not know what to even do with that much free time. Many seniors seek out activities to occupy their free time. For example, many seniors seek out new hobbies, museums, or new cities to travel to. Traveling is one of the most common retirement goals for many reasons, which is understandable considering there are many benefits to traveling. With that said, here are the top five reasons you should travel after you retire.

1. Traveling can make you happy

There are many benefits to traveling, and boosting your happiness is one of them. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 7 million Americans over the age of 65 experience depression every year. When you travel, it helps promote a happier mindset, potentially preventing you from being a part of this statistic.

When you travel, you explore new experiences that you may not get at home. You can add memorable experiences to your memory bank, which makes traveling a long-term benefit. Many seniors enjoy driving and sightseeing on a long road trip, and a bonus is meeting people along the way.

Whether you travel with friends, family, or yourself, you will boost your brain’s endorphins which promotes happiness.

2. Break up your daily routine

Seniors are spending a quarter of their lives in retirement, according to anthropologist Joe S. Savishinksy. With the many years of free time, you will have ahead, you will want to take a break from your daily routine. It’s always beneficial to take a break from reality and switch up your daily routine. Traveling can do that for you.

When you travel, you open new opportunities that allow you to step outside your everyday reality. Whether you travel to another state to visit relatives or travel to spend the weekend camping, you can attain new life perspectives while enjoying a new schedule.

3. Stimulates brain

Regardless of your age, you should always keep your brain stimulated and active. Traveling can stimulate your brain, as you will likely experience things you are not used to, such as new languages, foods, and people from different backgrounds. Even if something wrong happens on your trip, your brain will begin to problem-solve and produce a solution, which means you’re stimulating your brain.

There are many activities you can partake in while traveling that can help stimulate your brain. For example, seniors tend to find hiking and biking trails they have never experienced before when they travel. Spending time in nature is equivalent to meditation; it can help boost your memory and improve your mental health.

4. Social interaction

Maintaining relationships and having social interactions are essential during retirement. Social interactions help promote a positive emotional and mental state. As mentioned earlier, many seniors experience depression in retirement. Depression can worsen and lead to loneliness, which is common amongst senior citizens.

Seniors need social communication and interaction daily. An easy way to interact with people while traveling is by participating in group tours. Whether you tour a museum, ocean, or landmark, you already share common interests with the people surrounding you, which can help conversations flow better.

5. Medicare travels with you

If you are in retirement, you likely have Medicare for your health insurance. With Original Medicare, you can travel anywhere in the United States with your Medicare plan. If you visit a doctor in another state that accepts Medicare, you can go there for your care. When you travel with Medicare in the United States, you have the assurance you are covered if a medical emergency were to occur.

Original Medicare is federal American healthcare coverage. So, you likely cannot use your insurance in another country unless you are in one of the U.S. territories. The United States territories are the Northern Mariana Islands, Guan, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and American Samoa.


There are many reasons you should travel after you retire, and these are just five of them. Research the places you have always dreamt about traveling to and begin planning, as there is no better time than now.