Visiting a wildlife park can be fun as well as an educational way to spend a Sunday with your kids. Your kids get exposed to the beauties of wildlife and also get an opportunity to learn various facts about them. However, there are certain responsibilities on treating and respecting the wildlife so that they feel safe among human presence. 

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Tips for when you visit a wildlife park

  • Do not feed the animals. 

Feeding the wildlife is illegal in many places, so you should be extra careful. Make sure you do not feed them, accidentally leave food out where the animals can access them, and throw garbage in trash cans only. When animals taste human food, they may seek only that food and avoid all the other natural food sources.

  • Maintain silence. 

It is expected that you might get excited when you see the wild animals, especially if you are going to see them for the first time. However, animals are usually very good at sensing when people are watching them, and making noise can cause them to hide. This will not only disrupt their day but also ruin yours as you would not be able to take a glimpse at them anymore.

  • Be cautious when you take pictures. 

There have been many incidents where people have tried to take photos and selfies with wild animals and have ended up hurting themselves. You should never turn your back to wildlife or click pictures with wildlife in the background. Approaching wildlife or allowing them to approach it can pose a danger and put everyone’s lives at risk.

  • Wear sober colors. 

Most animals do not like bright colors, such as red and yellow. Surprisingly, these colors are an indication of danger and poison to them. Therefore, they immediately become alert. They may try to hide from you or attack you for self-defense. Try to wear sober colors when visiting the wildlife.

  • Carry bear spray. 

It is always suggested to be precautious during a wildlife visit. A bear spray can effectively protect you during encounters with bears and other large animals, such as bison, wolves, coyotes, elk, etc. You can find this spray at various stores. It contains chili peppers and can affect the animal’s eyes but is not life-dangering.

The idea is to respect the wildlife, protect them and return with as many good memories as possible. In most cases, if you do not do anything wrong, the animal won’t harm you either. Just remember to learn the important tips and make sure your kid understands them, too, as children tend to cause more problems in such situations.