People embark on solo trips mostly to discover themselves, experience freedom and independence, and meet new people. Although most people just prefer their own space and a chance to unwind, they do things their way. However, traveling alone makes one more self-sufficient and confident. This could also be quite dangerous. The reason is that you are in unfamiliar territory with strange faces of people you barely know, a place where you could be in trouble and experience some scary difficulties. These are compiled tips that could help with your safety.

Keep People Informed of Your Location

Before taking off on your lone journey, keep your close friends and family in the loop. Let them know exactly where you are going. Better still, send a sample of your itinerary to them, so they can keep track of you.  Also, check in with them to give them a heads-up in case you change locations suddenly during your solo travel in New Zealand through the use of a smartphone (social media) or the hotel internet services.

Protect All Your Belongings

Keep important copies of documents like passports and travel insurance on you at all times, to avoid unnecessary issues whenever they are requested. Also, try not to flaunt your properties and wealth, as this could make you a target for pick-pockets and thieves.

Be on Alert Always

Try to remain aware and appear confident whenever you’re walking down the streets of your destination. Have enough knowledge of the city and try not to stick out like a sore thumb. Blend in with the public. Also, trust your intuition and try to stay sober; while the main reason for the trip was to have fun and relax, try to stay alert and uncompromised during your solo travel in Canada, as excessive alcohol consumption can cloud judgment.

Know the Emergency Numbers

Let it be on the speed dial on your smartphone, so if you feel like you’re in any type of danger, situation, or you feel like you’re being stalked, it can be easily accessed.


Traveling alone allows you to fully enjoy the benefits of the trip, as you have enough time for yourself and can enjoy healthy food and a healthy lifestyle. Basically, you could do whatever you want.